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Clusters of white Tuberose flowers offer a unique scent of jasmine, fruity and heady. Carnal and creamy, the animal sensuality almost raw of the Tuberose gives a fiery character to the composition.

The note of linden lime is both fresh and exhilarating. Rich and ambery, it also has a honeyed facet.

Saffron is an expensive spice, from an aromatic plant originally cultivated in Asia. It is the stamen which is used for perfumery but also in food, medicine and in some cosmetics. Refined, it offers a spicy, flowery, almost earthy note.

Deliciously velvety and syrupy, the plum note also brings flowery and fruity sweetness to a composition.

Sichuan Pepper
Sichuan Pepper notes are very strongly spicy, with warm, woody and citrus variations.

It is the Blackcurrant bud which is used in perfumery. Its characteristic scent fruity, green, slightly ammonia, brings a sparkling freshness.

The plant, native to the East of the India, is grown in tropical and Equatorial countries. Its seeds are distilled and then transformed into ambrette butter. Ambrette brings an amber, soft, musky, fruity and floral note.

The suede note is more reffined and subtle than the leather note. Sensual and sweet, it brings a different musky, woody and leathery facets to a fragrance composition.

The hyacinth is a green, powerful floral note, almost intoxicating.  This heady flower develops its scent as it blooms.

Articulated in terminal panicles, lilac flowers are delicate color and fragrance. The scent, with floral and balsamic nuances is very feminine and sweet.

Amber composition is made from balsamic notes accord (labdanum, benzoin and vanilla). It gives sensuality and warmth to the fragrance. Amber notes are comfortable, rich and sweet.

Grey Amber
Grey Amber is originally a dejection of sperm whale, floating on the oceans. Rare and precious, it has multiple facets: marines (iodine), wooded, tobacco, animal. Grey Amber also brings stability and sensuality.

Juniper Berries
Juniper berries are picked from a tree of the same family as cypress tree. The black berries’ essential oil used in perfumery adds a fine spicy, peppered and wooded facet.

Orris Butter
Orris butter is a rare and expensive ingredient obtained by steam distillation of Iris roots. It has a soft, slightly sweet and warm smell, reminiscent of violet flower with woody variations.

Tangy but mild and fresh, Neroli oil is a distinctive note, aromatic and sensual with honey accord. During the harvest season, the white flowers are delicately hand-picked from Orange Bitter Tree due to their fragileness.

The leather note is one of the ancient note used in perfumery. It has a comfortable, but animal sensuality and it used for its boldness and its rich wake.

Cashmeran is also known as Cashmere wood. It is used for its characteristic woody and balsamic note, different from natural woods essences. Cashmeran is often associated in the trail of warm and voluptuous scents.

Fig Leaf
The fig leaf is a fruity and sunny note, recognizable by its green and milky odour. It is used to create a unique atmosphere evocative of a summer season and sun-dried nature.

Frangipane Flower
An exotic flower from far away Islands. The frangipani flower has various, vivid colors and a very powerful smell. It adds a tropical, vanilla and almond touch, also sensual and luminous.

Oak Moss is part of the raw material often used in perfumes (under standard conditions) for its very characteristic notes: it gives freshness but also a vegetal, moisty and earthy, woody side and ultimately very sensual.